Happy Talk talk

"The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others".

So what is happiness?

There are actually 4 happy hormones/neurotransmitters that work within us, Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins and Oxytocin and each one has an impact on happiness with their effects ranging from controlling stress and anxiety to increasing pleasure and satisfaction.

Serotonin: Mood stabiliser, wellbeing, happiness

Dopamine: Pleasure, motivational role in brain’s reward system

Oxytocin: Bonding, love, trust

Endorphins: Pain relief, runner’s high, relaxation

So that is the (very) brief scientific introduction to happiness!

For us in everyday ways and not having the need of a science degree

happiness is the feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you cant help but smile, it's a sense of well being, joy or contentment.

Whenever doing something causes happiness people usually want to do more of it and lets face it you have never heard of anyone moaning that they are too happy.

There are lots of types of happiness you might experience:

Joy, excitement, gratitude, pride , optimism, contentment to name but a few.

Joy: Often a relatively brief feeling that is felt in the present moment

Excitement: Positive anticipation, that happy feeling you get when you are looking forward

to something

Gratitude: Being thankful and appreciative is lovely a positive emotion

Pride: Pride can be thought of it in a negative way (too much came before the fall )

But when you have achieved something you set out to do you have a right to

be proud and experience that warm glow of satisfaction - just don't gloat!

Optimism: The optimistic person has a way of looking at life in a positive, upbeat way

Contentment: This type of happiness involves a sense of satisfaction

Of course we can't be happy all the time, there will be periods when we feel sad or bored or angry or frustrated, but if we encourage ourselves to see joy around us we can get out of our sad place much quicker

I started teaching yoga to help others experience the joy I feel when practicing but in case you are worried that I will preach about practicing regularly blah blah blah I wont, that has to come from within. No I thought it would be nice to create a blog that we could all take part in, a place where you are invited to share what makes you happy. So if you have a picture, a poem, a thought or anything at all that you would like to post please feel free to email it to me and providing it is polite and inoffensive i will be happy to post it.

What could be nicer than bringing a little joy to other people.

To start this off I would like to share a poem I wrote over a decade about of the beauty of words and writing and as a reminder to my son to send me a letter occasionally while he was away!

Don't forget to write..

All the beautiful words

That tantalise the mind and

Dance through your fingertips.

Words that spin together

Casting a net to catch such

Memories that can be

Lived and relived for all

Your days.

Words of simple hellos and

Brave goodbyes,

That are imbued with

The very essence of the writer.

Words for ambition that

Drives us on and

Letters to friends that keep us together.

Patterns of simple splendid form that

Float together to give meaning.

Thoughts that explore

And can set us free or

Comfort and keep us safe.

Words that lay themselves bare and

Know no limit save that of

Your own imagination.

That laugh from

The very pages upon which they

Sit or wring tears from our

Saddened hearts.

Words that thread themselves through

The pages of letters waiting to be

shared and held by those

We love and care for.

LH 2010