A touch of toes.

Have you ever noticed that often when people think of yoga their first measure of ability is whether they can touch their toes. It is indeed handy to bend over in a confined space if you have dropped something especially if you are surrounded by crowds people or freshly painted walls but there are many aspects to the not so humble forward fold and if at the moment you can’t quite bend over to tie you shoe laces it doesn’t mean you need expect a lifelong relationship with slip on's! The truth of the matter is that if you are new to yoga you have taken a lifetime to get the place you are at now so it simply stands to reason that it may take a while to reintroduce yourself to your hips, hamstrings and calves and entice your body to move and lengthen your spine, but don’t lose hope wherever you reach is perfect for where you are.

Q. Which forward fold (Uttanasana) is correct?

A. All of the above